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College Prep Guide: Online Resources

Library Barcode = 2644000 + 7 Digit EMCC ID #

LearningExpress Library

Access Instructions

  • Click on LearningExpress Library link below...
  • If off-campus, login with library barcode
    2644000 + 7 Digit EMCC ID #
  • Scroll down to LearningExpress Library
  • Click Register under New Users and register for an account.

Once registered with an account, you will find the following resources:

Adult Learning Center

Build Your Math Skills, Become a Better Reader, Improve Your Writing, Speaking, and Grammar, Prepare for Your GED

College Center

Prepare for Graduate School Admission Exams

College Placement Exams (Accuplacer)

College Preparation Center

Prepare for PSAT, SAT, AP, TOEFL, College Admissions Essay Writing

GED Test Prep Center

Skill reviews and practice tests available.

Credo Reference eBooks

Credo reference contains 500 reference ebooks. It also integrates with our other library resources. Need help searching? See the Tutorials tab.


Academic eBooks

Ebrary contains over 100,000 academic ebooks to aid in your research.  Need help searching? See the Tutorials tab.

EMCC Library -- 354 Hogan Road, Bangor, ME -- 2nd Floor, Katahdin Hall